Should the Bernie Boo's be nervous about the seemingly endless FBI probe into allegations of bank fraud involving the Bernmeister's little lady Jane? Yeah, they should. And so should anyone with dreams of a purple wave washing the socialists back into power in D.C.

The government's possible key witness against Jane Sanders, former Burlington College Dean of Operations Coralee Holm, tells Fox News she was interviewed by the FBI again just over two weeks ago. Seems Jane may have told some whoppers in order to obtain a bank loan to purchase property from the Catholic Church when she was president of the now defunct college. The schools' inability to pay back the money led to its collapse.

Some have wondered out loud if Ol' Bern may have put the squeeze on the bank to approve the loan. There has been no public evidence of that as yet.

Jane's coziness to the banking industry, and just the fact that she has been under investigation for years, makes it uncomfortable for Bernie to bang the banks and the wealthy while out on the campaign trail. Especially since Burlington, Vermont's former first couple purchased their third home shortly after surrendering the 2016 Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton.

You gotta remember, Bernie's entire shtick is based on good vs. evil. Us vs. them. The haves vs. the have nots. You can't kumbaya the crowd while wearing a Darth Vader mask. We can't overcome ourselves.

A Sanders family spokesman tells Fox they have no reason to believe that a grand jury has been impaneled to hear evidence in the case. But, just the slightest hint of corruption from the self-righteous Birkenstock crowd is enough to drive the base right back to the crying closet.

Bernie has an FBI problem that he needs to solve, and soon.

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