It appears that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is backtracking from comments he previously made, in which he appeared to endorse 2016 G.O.P presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According to a Providence Journal report, Brady, who went on WEEI for his weekly radio show, told the station that his decision of who to vote for will be his own personal choice. He also added that he hasn't paid attention to politics for a long time and is even unsure of the issues at hand.

The 4-time Super Bowl winner has had a long publicized friendship with Trump and created a bit of a frenzy earlier this month when one of Trump's signature "Make America Great Again" hats was spotted in his locker by the Media.

Brady was, of course, asked about whether or not he felt Trump has what it takes to be the president and he seemed to endorse the entrepreneur.

While his most recent comments have appeared to separate himself from any endorsements of political figures, it's probably safe to say The Donald still has Brady's vote.

Instead of worrying about his presidential preferences though, people should be celebrating his play on the field because Brady has the Pats looking like the team to beat in the early going.


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