New Bedford is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer those visiting from elsewhere – but you'd never know it based on the ridiculous photos used by a travel site to try to encourage tourists to come to the Whaling City.

With the rise of artificial intelligence in content creation, we can expect to see more and more internet articles being written by robots. Likewise, there are a lot of travel sites that have "bloggers" that seem to have never visited the places they're writing about, and instead just copy and paste information from other sites.

I'm not saying does either of those, but it sure feels like it.

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The website recently put out a seven-photo video slideshow with some information about New Bedford design to promote visitors. Hat tip to John Gonsalves for finding it and sharing it on Facebook.

However, only one of the six photos featured (because this one is used twice) has a verifiable New Bedford landmark in it. The rest just appear to be random photos plucked from the internet, with no real connection at all to the SouthCoast.

Granted, if you've never been here, it may be hard to know what photos are really of New Bedford. Yet these appear more to be photos that came up more based on search terms related to the topic.

Writing about Fort Taber Park? Apparently, you can just search "park" and any old photo will do.

Some of the visual representations are just head-scratchers, and some our downright hilarious. Check out this gallery of the images and be sure to scroll through for the last one – it's the laugh you need today.

Hilarious New Bedford Slideshow Has Travel Site Catfishing Tourists

A travel website called has created an online 'story' enticing potential tourists to visit beautiful New Bedford, Massachusetts. The only problem? It features photos that hilariously have nothing to do with the Whaling City. This is what happens when you let AI do your job for you.

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