The New Bedford Risefest will take place at Greasy Luck in New Bedford on Sunday, September 1, at 12 pm. This will be a one-day, multi-media awareness telethon focused on bringing more awareness, aid, and support to the people of New Bedford and the services that provide for and supplement them, primarily Rise Up for Homes. You must be 21 or older with a valid ID for entry into the festivities at Greasy Luck.

There will be a collection of musical acts across all genres performing and there will be a live feed as well for those who wish to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Electric bands that will be performing in the Vault Music Hall include “Butch McCarthy & The Gentlemen of Leisure”, “Rte. 18”, “The Pourmen”, “Jammin’: A Tribute To Bob Marley”, “The J.Kelley Band”, “Absolut Eddie”, “The Jethros”, “LIKK”, “Follow Thru”, “Whiskey Affliction”, “Funk Side Up”, “The NB Rude Boys” and the long-awaited return of “Carfax Abbey.” 

Performing acoustic acts in the Pub will be “Ken Richards”, “Somethin’ Else”, “All Mixed Up”, “Luz Eterna” and “Business Time.”

Risefest hopes to keep the general public actively engaged and informed about the serious problem of homelessness. In order to donate, viewers can either text Rise Up for Homes directly at “50155”, or call in to speak to one of their guest celebrity operators.

FUN 107 has partnered with Rise Up for Homes for years by helping to keep the Sister Rose Overflow Shelter open during the winter. Let's keep the efforts going all year long.

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