Since opening its doors in 2008, Our Sisters' School on Brownell Avenue in New Bedford has sought to educate and inspire girls in grades 5-8, providing strong academic programs combined with positive character development.

Head of School Sarah Herman said this week the school receives no money from the City of New Bedford. It is funded primarily with some federal grants and private donations.

As you might imagine, volunteers play a big role in the success of Our Sisters' School. Herman said this week on Townsquare Sunday that "the contributions of volunteers are fundamentalal to the school's success."

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She said volunteers work in every facet of the school, from board members to clean-up crews. Herman said retired teachers come to Our Sisters' School to serve as academic tutors, and student families commit to 15 hours per year to help any way they can.  A

Anyone who would like to volunteer at Our Sisters' School can learn more by visiting the school's website.

Herman also wanted to thank their community partners for helping to further the education of their students. Partners such as the Community Boating Center, UMass Dartmouth, and the Buttonwood Park Zoo are all working with Our Sisters' School to provide students with things such as sailing skills and confidence, the value of science, technology and math, and animal science.

Sarah Herman's interview can be heard here:

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