There has been a lot of buzz lately around the Port of New Bedford. From the Offshore Wind Institute to the power plant redevelopment and the landmark project labor agreement with Vineyard Wind, New Bedford is on the precipice of making its port a national leader not just in fishing, but in clean energy as well.

Recently, I was joined on-air by Mayor Jon Mitchell to talk about the recent big announcements at the waterfront. Mayor Mitchell has repeatedly called offshore wind an opportunity for New Bedford to capitalize on what it does best, which is fostering a thriving port economy and leveraging our shoreline assets to create marketable economic development opportunities.

While there may be tensions between our great fishing industry and offshore wind, it is important to stress that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Offshore wind isn't just an economic opportunity for New Bedford and the region, but a necessary measure in mitigating the disastrous results of our seemingly intractable climate crisis, which is already having a noticeable impact on our marine ecosystem and fishing.

Mitchell and I discussed these topics, as well as the recent survey his office released asking New Bedford residents how they would like to see the city's nearly $65 million relief from the American Rescue Plan Act spent, which he described as a "once in a generation opportunity."

You can listen to the full conversation here:

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