NEW BEDFORD — Yet another person charged in connection with the robbery of a man at 149 Tinkham Street on Feb. 14 has been charged with another crime, after being released on those charges without having to post bail.

Ruperto Torres, 44, was arrested Thursday morning on charges of breaking and entering after he broke into a residence at 505 North Front Street. Police received a report from the building's management company reporting that Torres had broken into the address.

Torres was one of eight people arrested Feb. 14 in connection with the robbery of a man at 149 Tinkham Street. Seven other people were arrested in that incident, which led to the city closing down the location, which had been the subject of multiple neighborhood complaints and police calls.

Judge Paul Pino again released Torres Thursday without having to post bail after his re-arrest even though the district attorney's office requested that he be held.

Three others that were also arrested in the February 14 incident have also been rearrested since their release and were subsequently released again, even though they were subject to be held for being re-arrested while out on their pending case.

--New Bedford Police

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