Update:  ABC Disposal is telling WBSM News that the problem last night was a malfunctioning truck.  They are working to clean up the mess this morning.  We'll have more as the story develops.

I was on my way to Dartmouth to grab a bite to eat with my family tonight when I saw the strangest thing.

Unfortunately, it's not entirely unusual to see garbage on the side of the highway. While it is occasionally maintained by the state and inmates at the Bristol County House of Correction, trash generally sits on the side of the highways.

What we saw tonight, though, was a site none of us have ever seen. My kids were able to grab a video out of the passenger side window as we carefully navigated through a mountain of garbage.

Truthfully, the video doesn't even do it justice. The pile of garbage was much higher before we were able to whip out the phones and start recording.

We found out later that the trash dump started back in Mattapoisett. Here is video of the piles of trash on 195 in Mattapoisett.

We called the Massachusetts State Police barracks in Dartmouth to report the piles of trash. The road was nearly impassible. State Police responded with work crews to help with the situation.

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Fun 107 listener Nancy Nieves sent in video of trash piles she and her family saw tonight on Hathaway Road and Shawmut Ave in New Bedford, not far from the headquarters for ABC Disposal.

We followed up with the State Police later in the night, but they were still unsure of where exactly the trash came from and how it ended up strewn all over 195 in New Bedford.

The internet, of course, came to the rescue. One Facebook commenter speculated that it was a "crazy ex throwing stuff out" in a blaze of glory.

Thinking back, I did notice a little trail of garbage, like a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest, building slowly as we approached the huge garbage pile in New Bedford.

It still remains a mystery as of tonight.

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