FAIRHAVEN - Nearly 20 cars were broken into in Fairhaven Monday night. Fairhaven Police Sgt. Kevin Kobza tells WBSM News, most of the breaks occurred in East Fairhaven, with several thefts reported in the northern part of town and one on Sconticut Neck Road.

The one element that tied the car breaks together? They were all unlocked.

Sgt. Kobza says it is imperative that residents lock their cars and keep valuables out of plain sight. "People are just walking around checking door handles, and as soon as they find one that's unlocked they enter it, they take what they can and the move on to the next one. I can't stress how many times we've warned people to lock their vehicles."

Kobza says the department is working with Mattapoisett Police, who also fielded reports of numerous car breaks over the weekend. Police are asking residents to review their home surveillance systems if they have them and share any relevant information with police.