Associated Press - An NCAA executive says referees in Monday's title game did see the same video replay as viewers at home of a controversial out-of-bounds call that went in Duke's favor.

Men's basketball tournament vice president Dan Gavitt tells ESPN's "Outside the Lines" that officials did indeed have the camera angle that was shown on the CBS telecast.

The slow-motion replay appeared to show the loose ball deflecting off the fingertip of Duke's Justise Winslow as it went out of bounds with just over two minutes left.

After a lengthy review, officials ruled the video inconclusive and awarded possession to the Blue Devils.

NCAA supervisor of officials John Adams told Sirius XM College Sports on Tuesday that they never saw on their monitor what everybody saw at home.

Adams added that he noticed the more decisive replay angle after the officials had already left the scorer's table and considered calling them back for another look before deciding it wasn't his place to do so.

Duke went on to beat Wisconsin 68-63 to claim its fifth national championship.

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