Not that I need a reason to go out to eat, but today is National Dine Out Day!  What that means is if you go out to eat today and use your Mastercard they will donate to Stand Up to Cancer!  If I can go out to eat and enjoy a delicious meal at one of our great restaurants in the area and help a good cause even better!  Now where to go? There are so many great chef's in our area, do you realize how spoiled we are?  I recently heard that there are almost 900 restaruants in the Southcoast area. 900, with a number that big I feel bad that I go to the same restaurants over and over, I guess it's time to step out of the comfort zone.

There are Portugese, Thai, Mexican, American, name the ethnicity we have it, I am willing to try just about anything, however the rest of my family not so brave.  That brings me to the the question what is the "oddest" thing you've eaten?  Things that may be odd to you but to some normal.  I once tried pig tongue at a pig roast, tasted like pork to me!  I know that's not much of a stretch but hey I've never had it before.

I would love your input and try something new, so send me your suggestions and I will look them over and try it, now don't get to gross!  Yes I will use my Mastercard and support National Dine Out Day.