Nantucket Cottage Hospital sets the standard for how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services distributes Medicare reimbursement funds to hospitals across the state.

So when their parent company, Partners Healthcare, filed incorrect information regarding wages it impacted hospital systems across the state, including Southcoast Health.

"We're looking at a potential $10 million loss for Medicare reimbursements across our entire system," said Southcoast Health Spokesman Peter Cohenno, "from reimbursements to the hospitals in particular but it would impact the entire system."

Cohenno says Partners Healthcare has asked the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to correct their previous filings.

"Partners has identified that they made an error, are not arguing that they made an error, and basically they're asking CMS to correct their error so that the correct rate will be paid out to all of the hospitals across the Commonwealth," said Cohenno.

A final decision on the request from Partners will be made no later than August 1.

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