Ashley Wordell had just finished an afternoon of play at inkin with her two kids when it happened. Her only car key dropped into a storm drain and she thought it was a goner. However, this story has a happy ending thanks to two helpful individuals.

"Too often we use this platform to complain, but today I would like to use it in a positive way. I was leaving the Southworth Library playground with my two kids today. As I was helping my son in the car with my daughter on my hip, she hit my car key out of my hand and what do you know, there was a sewer drain right below us to catch my one and only car key. My three-year-old starts having a meltdown at the exact same time and it’s pure chaos! A nice man picking someone up at the school stopped and tried to help. I assumed it was gone for good. While I was getting my kids inside of my mother-in-law's car, that nice man went and got help inside of the school. Another man who works at Cushman School came out with a magnet on a cord and started fishing for my single, closed switchblade car key. It didn’t look too promising, but then he got it. These guys went out of their way and tried everything to help out a hot mess momma on this beautiful afternoon and I’m forever grateful for that! I didn’t catch their names in all the excitement, but if you guys know who these guys are, tag them! They saved our day today! They’re the real MVP’s!!!!" - Ashley Wordell


Ashley Wordell‎
Ashley Wordell‎

Donny Green has been named as the custodian from Cushman School who came to Ashley's rescue. Please share this post so that Ashley can recognize the other gentleman for his kindness!

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