wants to pay someone $1,000 to watch 30 Disney movies or shows in as many days.

“You just have to prove you’re the biggest, baddest Disney fan out there, and we’ll tuck a whole grand in your bank account. It’s up to you if you keep ‘em there or cash out the $1,000 in coins, then dive into them à la Scrooge McDuck.” –

The launch of Disney+ is on Tuesday, November 12 and that is the starting line for the lucky winners. will select five Disney mega-fans to help them celebrate the newest streaming service. The winners will have to watch 30 Disney films or shows within 30 days, including the credits. I’ve already applied. Who are we kidding? I could probably do this without getting paid and be just as happy. The extra grand would be nice, though.

You must be 18 or older, and a US citizen or permanent resident to apply. You can even submit a video with your application. Explain what your favorite Disney movie means to you, or sing along with your favorite Disney song, maybe?

Along with $1,000, the winner will also receive a subscription to Disney+ for one whole year, a Disney-themed movie-watching kit that includes a “cozy mouse-themed blanket, four cups that would make Mickey proud, and the cutest Pixar popcorn popper we’ve ever seen, complete with movie theater popcorn kernels.”

Anyone who knows my family knows that we love Disney movies. We aren't afraid to belt out to "A Whole New World" in public. We play Disney-themed games like you're trying to prove yourself worthy of being in the family. We quote classic lines on a daily basis and have adopted life mottos from these films. Being a Silvia means loving Disney and that's fine by me.

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