A bill that would ban the hand-held use of cell phones while driving remains languishing in the Massachusetts House, with only days remaining in the current legislative session.

The bill, filed by State Senator Mark Montigny of New Bedford, has twice passed the Senate but failed so far to gain any traction in the House.

In a release on Thursday, Montigny said the bill has the support of medical professionals, law enforcement, Governor Charlie Baker, and families who have lost loved ones to distracted drivers.

The National Safety Council says motor vehicle crashes claimed more than 40,000 lives in 2016, and distracted driving, including cell phone use, is estimated to account for 25 percent of those fatalities.

"At a time when hands-free technology is widely available and affordable, there's no reason why we should refrain from requiring hands-free usage to save lives," the New Bedford Democrat said.

Similar legislation has already been enacted in 16 other states.

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