Julie Nightlinger of Acushnet posted on Facebook Sunday night about a very disturbing event involving her miniature horse, Max.

Nightlinger writes: "My poor miniature horse Max got shot this week he's a rescue and only about two years old. He's going to need intensive care and possible a prosthetic leg. (We'll know more on Wednesday). This was an act of animal abuse, this was no mistake! Right behind our houses in such a nice part of Acushnet. We won't stop until we have some justice. We also don't want this to happen to any other horse or animal!!! Please share this post incase anybody knows anything about this (Reward)!" The image alone is enough to send any animal lover into panic mode. How could anyone harm this adorable creature?!

Acushnet Animal Control Officer Rebekah Tomlinson tells WBSM News the two-year-old horse, Max, was shot just above one of his hooves Tuesday December 1st. A veterinarian has tended to the horse's injury, and Max's owners say he may require a prosthetic in order to walk properly again.

The Acushnet Police Department is overseeing the investigation into who shot the horse. Animal Control Officer Tomlinson reminds the public that it is hunting season, and asks hunters to be mindful of their surroundings. We will be following this story closely, and ask anyone with information to contact us or Julie Nightlinger via her Facebook page for #SavingMax. You can listen to the interview with Nightlinger below!