Mattapoisett Police are investigating after the Ned’s Point Lighthouse was vandalized over the weekend.

Sal Giglia is one of the three lighthouse keepers for Ned’s Point in addition to being a staff officer for the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla in Marion. He said he was shocked by the vandalism that occurred at the lighthouse sometime this past Saturday.

“To destroy federal property and a national landmark like that…it’s sort of like if you went to the Sistine Chapel and started spray painting all over something that is important to people,” he said.

Giglia said the lighthouse had been vandalized before, but nothing like what happened this past weekend.

“After this type of vandalism at this expense – we’ve had it before. We have five bullet holes up in the lamp room, so it’s nothing new, but now this is ugly,” he said.

Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

Giglia said the lighthouse keepers had also noticed that the lock on the lighthouse had been tampered with, and that inside, three flags were taken from the catwalk, with one of them completely ripped to pieces.

“The funny thing is, on one of the posts where the flag was held, somebody took the time to snip off the zip ties,” he said, adding that the vandal or vandals then trashed the place.

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“It’s unfortunate that somewhen went up and did that damage,” Giglia said. “It is federal property. It’s a lighthouse, a registered historical landmark, and there is a lot of government property such as brochures from the Coast Guard, the national parks, FEMA, boating information, kayaking information, coloring books for the kids in regards to saving whales and turtles – a lot of things in there got trashed.”

He also said one of the railings was “tagged” with spray paint.

“Somebody must know that tag, and it’s going to come back to haunt whoever it is,” Giglia said.

Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

WBSM reached out to Mattapoisett Police Chief Jason King for information about the vandalism.

“The Mattapoisett Police (Department) is currently investigating an incident that happened at the Ned’s Point lighthouse over the weekend. We have no further details to release at this time,” Chief King wrote back.

Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

Giglia said that while police are conducting the investigation to find out who is responsible, the lighthouse keepers are taking steps to ensure this is the last time the lighthouse is vandalized.

“We should have cameras there, and it’s going to have to happen there. Sorry for infringing on other people’s privacy, but what are we going to do?” Giglia said. “We want people to know we are responsible enough to take the next step and not have this happen again.”

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