Those who have visited Pine Meadow Alpacas in Mattapoisett over the years certainly know of one of the farm's legacy animals: Mama Llama.

The farm broke the unfortunate news late Wednesday night that Mama Llama had passed away at the end of July, "cross[ing] peacefully over the rainbow bridge due to old age." Although Mama came to Pine Meadow in the fall of 2017 with the name Caramel, the farm said they quickly changed her name to Mama after experiencing her mothering, loving nature toward her fellow animals.

"She was always watching over the herd and 'protecting' them from turkeys or turtles passing by[,] so we changed it to something that suited her well," the farm wrote.

Pine Meadow Alpacas

Over the years, Mama brought her love, intuition and smiles to folks all over New England, traveling fair circuits and, during the rough year and some change spanning the COVID-19 pandemic, visiting nursing homes across the SouthCoast.

"I feel like Mama truly lived for the attention of humans," the farm wrote. "People would always compliment how beautiful how long her eyelashes were or how expressive her face would be. I think she knew what they were saying about her which is why we always caught her smiling!"

Pine Meadow Alpacas

Mama passed away after living a wonderful, long life. Back in 2017, vets estimated Mama was in her late teens or late twenties when she came to Pine Meadow Alpacas. Llamas typically only have a lifespan of 20 years, and after living nearly four more years at the farm after her arrival, Mama's age and good spirits were impressive to say the least.

"To say Mama was a favorite within our family is an understatement and makes her passing so difficult," the farm wrote. "But Mama was a true gentle giant and we are so incredibly lucky to have given her the best last couple of years! Our hearts will always be heavy but we know she was loved unconditionally by so many people."

Pine Meadow Alpacas

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