After decades of running the ship at Mattapoisett's Center School and Old Hammondtown School, Rose Bowman, the legend, has officially left the building.

That has meant a restructuring in the operations in the Mattapoisett school district.

Instead of having one principal for both elementary schools, the job has been split.

Longtime Assistant Principal Kevin Tavares has taken the big chair at Old Hammondtown. The well-deserved promotion was announced with Mrs. Bowman's retirement.

The search has continued, however, for the right person to take over at Center School.  In fact, the search was so intense, the K-3 students were asked what character traits they thought the new principal should have.

The consensus from the students in the video above:

  1. I want the new principal to come outside and play with us.
  2. The new principal can have any color hair, but I would like black hair!
  3. We want our principal to be kind because nobody likes a mean principal and you should not be mean to little, cute children.
  4. Dress up like a cat.
  5. The new principal should allow us to bring our pets to school at least once a year.
  6. Have five field days and bring cookies and cupcakes to class.

Keeping these important factors in mind, along with some other qualifications (such as education and experience), the search was underway.

After several months, a decision has been made to bring on Dr. Linda Ashley.

Ashley comes to Mattapoisett from Franklin Public Schools, where she has worked for almost 10 years as an elementary school principal and most recently as the curriculum director for English language arts and history/social studies for students in pre-kindergarten through high school. She has also served as an elementary principal within Milford Public Schools and Norton Public Schools. She began her career in education as an elementary classroom teacher in New Jersey.

For the record, Dr. Ashley has not yet made a statement about the "bring your pet to school day" idea.

Also, her hair currently appears to be brownish with highlights.

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