In what could be a defining issue in the race for Massachusetts Governor, voters will get to decide whether illegal aliens get a standard Massachusetts driver's license. A referendum question asking voters if they want to repeal a recently-enacted state law will appear on the November 8, 2022 statewide ballot.

Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin said supporters of the repeal effort collected more than the required number of certifiable signatures to place the referendum before the voters.

Massachusetts Voters Will Decide If Illegal Aliens Get Licenses
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The Democrat-controlled Massachusetts Legislature enacted the Work and Family Mobility Act in the spring, but it was vetoed by Republican Governor Charlie Baker. Lawmakers quickly overrode Baker's veto in June.

The Associated Press reported that the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition has issued a statement concerning the repeal effort. In it, Coalition Executive Director Elizabeth Sweet says, "The Work and Family Mobility Act will mean that all drivers – regardless of immigration status – will follow the same rules of the road, pass the same road test, and possess the same insurance requirements."

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"While it's disappointing that partisan forces are seeking to overturn this law and put public safety at risk to score cheap political points, our broad coalition is ready for the debate and campaign ahead," Sweet said.

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Massachusetts Voters Will Decide If Illegal Aliens Get Licenses
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Republican gubernatorial nominee Geoff Diehl has been at the forefront of the repeal effort. Diehl is concerned that the new law could lead to illegals registering to vote illegally.

Democrat nominee Maura Healey supports the Work and Family Mobility Act, believing it will lead to safer roads and highways in Massachusetts.

The issue is a divisive one that promises to draw voters to the polls in November. It's an issue that could play heavily in determining the outcome of the campaign.

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