Massachusetts is adjusting to new laws surrounding trash that seem to have some unintended consequences.

Since new regulations surrounding the disposal of mattresses went into effect back in November, there have been reports statewide of illegal dumping. It seems some residents would rather take the risk of being caught dropping unwanted mattresses in sneaky spots than to pay the fee to get them properly handled.

Mattresses aren't the only items that have been added to the "Do Not Throw" list in Massachusetts. It may surprise you to find out that clothing and textiles have now made the list. Instead of throwing clothing and fabrics in the regular trash, the state is encouraging people to recycle the textiles in local collection bins.

According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, residents and businesses dispose of approximately 230,000 tons of textiles annually. More than 5 percent of the waste delivered to combustion facilities is made up of clothing, curtains, towels and other fabrics (all of which are perfect for recycling).  Bay Staters throw away nearly six times more clothing and shoes than we donate, recycle or repurpose.

Some banned items (and the list is expected to grow over time) are more obvious than others. In fact, as green as you think you may be, you are most likely still throwing away at least a few items without knowing it's against the law. Take a look:

15 Items You Can't Throw Away in Massachusetts

Here are 15 items that you aren't allowed to throw in the "regular" trash here in Massachusetts. Recycling is preferred for most of these.

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