Representative Geoff Diehl has tremendous support from local police unions in his campaign to replace liberal hero Liz Warren in the U.S. Senate.

The battle between Republican Geoff Diehl and Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren for the U.S. Senate is fascinating. The two candidates have serious disagreements about important public policy questions, and they are offering the voters a real choice. Whatever you think of the candidates, you should appreciate that they are willing to take a position and defend that position.

There is a marked difference between Rep. Diehl and Sen. Warren when it comes to supporting the men and women involved in the criminal justice system. Senator Warren has attacked the criminal justice system as racist. Representative Diehl has defended our criminal justice system as the best in the world. Diehl is spending his campaign funds on commercials that label the men and women of the criminal justice system as "heroes," in direct contrast to Warren's claim that they are "racist."

The criminal justice system is not an apple tree and it isn't gravity. It is a man-made creation and it is staffed by human beings. Calling the criminal justice system "racist" means our senator believes the individuals who work in the system, from the police to the judges, are racist, and they intentionally deny their fellow Americans justice because of the color of their skin.

Senator Warren made her accusation against the American criminal justice system in August of this year at a forum sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus in Louisiana. She is wrong, but she is uniquely honest about her opinion of police officers, prosecutors and judges for a politician seeking re-election.

The American system of justice is a beacon of light for most of the world. One of the hallmarks of our nation is that the individual is innocent until proven guilty, and that all individuals are treated equally.

Undermining public trust in our legal system has been a long-term goal of hostile nations such as Russia, China, Cuba and Vietnam. Those enemy nations have spent millions of dollars over the decades to undermine this trust. They used anything they could to discredit our system.

The Communists knew the Rosenbergs gave atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets, but they used their conviction to claim the American justice system was biased against Jews. The Soviets and their friends in the media spread false stories to convince the world the United States created AIDS to kill off black Africans. Our enemies ran active measures to convince the world that President John F. Kennedy was killed by Vice President Johnson, the military and our intelligence agencies.

The men and women of law enforcement are doing what they can to combat this false claim made by Sen. Warren. They are supporting her opponent and they are making their support known to the public.

Larry Ellison, the head of Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers, has endorsed Diehl for the U.S. Senate.

Understand the gravity of this accusation by Senator Warren. She is saying that our local police officers, the lawfully armed agents of our government, are motivated by racism to use government-sanctioned force against non-white American citizens. Those non-white citizens are then prosecuted by the local district attorney in false trials, in front of judges and juries who are also operating illegally to destroy the lives of non-white Americans.

The front of our criminal justice system is local individual police officers. The middle is the courts, and the back is the prison system and the probation system. From the front to the back of this system are individual men and women. The system can only be "racist" if those individuals are racist, and willing to participate in the conspiracy to deny Americans their civil rights based on the color of their skin. This is obviously ridiculous. But Sen. Warren believes it is true, and she is so confident in her beliefs that she exclaims it in public.

I completely disagree with Sen. Warren's theory about our justice system being racist, but I admire her for being honest about her beliefs. To her credit, she tells us what she believes on her website, and you can read it here.

I will take her beliefs about my friends who work in the criminal justice system to heart and I will vote accordingly.

So will the men and women of law enforcement. You can see the full list of law enforcement organizations endorsing Geoff Diehl here.

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