There are a lot of laws in the Bay State -- many that are against things we know are wrong and avoid doing (robbery, murder, etc.) and some that we are probably breaking without even knowing it.

As we shared several years ago, Massachusetts has some weird laws still on the books. While you probably aren't putting gorillas in your back seat or staging public boxing matches (both illegal in Massachusetts), you might actually be breaking some of these other odd laws we found.

It seems things people do every day are actually illegal in Massachusetts.

Like driving with your windshield wipers on, but not your headlights.

Yup, a law passed back in 2015 makes it illegal to drive with your windshield wipers on and not your headlights. If the rain starts up and the wipers are turned on, the headlights must be turned on, too. No matter what time of day you are driving.

The fine is only $5, though lawmakers keep saying it could go up.

It's also illegal to idle your car for more than five minutes in the Bay State. So you've probably broken this one while waiting for your supermarket or Target drive-up order to come out. We learned there's no need to break that one, however, so you can stop anytime.

Other laws may not be so easy to stop breaking. There are quite a few older laws on the books in Massachusetts that have become commonplace occurrences. Some things you do or see every day are actually against the law and a few still hold some stiff fines and serious jail time.

Keep scrolling to see which law you may have broken today.

Massachusetts Laws You Don't Even Know You're Breaking

There are a lot of strange laws still on the books in Massachusetts, many that also carry actual punishments and fines. Though we're pretty sure no one has been arrested for the crimes we're about to list, we're also pretty sure you have violated at least one of these laws in the last month or so.

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