The Greater Boston Food Bank said that "food insecurity" remains a problem in Massachusetts "with inflation and the high cost of groceries being key drivers."

A report by the group says nearly one-third of adults in Massachusetts face food insecurity – a number that has grown since the start of the pandemic.
United Way of Greater New Bedford

"For many, obtaining sufficient healthy food remains a challenge, and pantry users would like more convenient options, beyond traditional pantry services, such as grocery cards and home delivery," the GBFB said.

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The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife hopes to reduce the need and ease the stress for families this winter.

MassWildlife has launched Hunters Share the Harvest, a program that "provides an opportunity for hunters to donate and share wild game meat like venison with Massachusetts residents in need."

Details of the program are on the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife website.

Massachusetts Hunters Can Donate Deer To Help Feed Hungry
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Facebook Page

"Free range, organic venison is a lean, healthy protein with a low carbon footprint that already feeds thousands of licensed hunters and their families across Massachusetts each year," MassWildlife said.

MassWildlife stated "there is one approved meat processor (Haskins Custom Butchering in Hanover) accepting whole-deer donations, and packaged venison will be distributed to those in need through the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation's Food 4 Vets program."

Massachusetts Hunters Can Donate Deer To Help Feed Hungry
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife Via Facebook

MassWildlife plans to expand donation and distribution locations in the coming years.

Hunters with questions about dropping off their deer should contact Jason Zimmer, MassWildlife Southeast District Supervisor, at (774)-297-3538.

MassWildlife is also seeking monetary donations to assist with the program and said donations will "help cover the processing and packaging costs for donated meat."

"A donation of $25 will provide about 50 servings of meat for families in need," the group said.

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