Prices for single-family homes are not the only thing shooting for the stratosphere in Massachusetts.

The State House News Service reported that, according to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, "Roadway fatalities soared in 2021 to the highest level in more than a decade, and the trend continues to head in the wrong direction nearly halfway through 2022."

Courtesy Rochester Fire Department/Facebook
Courtesy Rochester Fire Department/Facebook

Transportation Secretary Jamey Tesler addressed a meeting of the Department of Transportation board on Wednesday and delivered some sobering statistics.

"In 2021, Massachusetts sadly had more than 400 roadway deaths," Tesler said, according to SHNS. "This is the highest amount in more than 11 years and a 22 percent increase from 2020."

Massachusetts Highway Deaths Soar To Eleven Year High
Courtesy Fairhaven Fire Department

According to Tesler, there have been 175 highway deaths in Massachusetts this year as of Wednesday, June 22 – about a dozen more than during the same period last year. Tesler said the number of fatalities so far this year will likely increase as some crashes are still under investigation and the deaths have not been included in the most recent tabulations.

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The Department of Transportation said motorcycle deaths are at a 25-year high in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Highway Deaths Soar To Eleven Year High
Courtesy Lakeville Fire Department

SHNS reported one board member expressed concerns at Wednesday's meeting about high rates of speed and distracted drivers.

The Department of Transportation has a Crash Data Portal on its website where you can keep track of the year-to-date number of traffic accidents (51,290+), traffic fatalities (175), crashes involving pedestrians (695), bicycles (313), and more.

Tesler said the DOT is attempting to "bring awareness, change behavior, and remind drivers" about ways to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities.

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