Have you been spelunking lately?

"Spelunking" or "caving" is the exploration of caves as a hobby. You are probably wondering where in Massachusetts you might find a cave to explore. Well, there are some caves to check out not too far from here.

While Massachusetts isn't known for being a state with deep underground caverns and caves like neighboring New York, there are some interesting holes in the ground worth looking into.

Only In Your State's Juliet White says, "There are several caves -- both natural and man-made - that are within easy daytripping distance from the city (Boston)." Fortunately, a couple are just a short drive from New Bedford.

A nearby natural cave is King Philip's Cave in Norton. During King Philip's War (1675), King Philip, or Metacom, the Wampanoag sachem, was thought to have sought refuge in the small cave.

Massachusetts Has Caves Close By Just Waiting To Be Explored
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White points to the Four Elements Salon and Spa on State Road in Westport as an example of an "enchanting" man-made salt cave lined with pink Himalayan salt.

AZ Animals says the Nashoba Brook Stone Chamber/"Potato Cave" in Acton is worth checking out. It seems the cave was to store food at one point.

There is an "underground" chamber in Upton Heritage Park and Belcher's Cave, a natural cave in Great Barrington once used as a hideout for criminals in the 18th century.

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The Devil's Den near Ashland is one of the better-known natural Massachusttes caves. AZ Animals says early Massachusetts settlers were creeped out by the cave. The site says, "The Puritans of the day feared the cave's supposed resident, the devil."

Other notable Massachusetts caves include the Horse Cave near Granby, the Berkshire Bat Cave near Northfield Mountain and the Sunderland Caves.

World of Caves offers its views on the best Massachusetts caves to explore, and The National Speleological Society has more about caves in Massachusetts and how to begin spelunking.

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