An Uxbridge doctor who conspired with two other women to write phony Adderall prescriptions for cash has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Leslie Caraceni, 58, was indicted in 2019 and 2020 along with Rene Ruliera, 52, of Southborough and Meghan Giacomuzzi, 37, of Whitinsville. Ruliera and Giacomuzzi pleaded guilty last year and have yet to be sentenced.

Between March 2016 and February 2018, Caraceni, Ruliera and Giacomuzzi conspired to distribute the amphetamine "for reasons other than for a legitimate medical purpose and not in the usual course of medical practice," according to a news release from the Office of U.S. Attorney Andrew E. Lelling.

Caraceni hired the two women to work at her medical practices in Framingham and Whitinsville, and enlisted both in a conspiracy to sell and distribute Adderall to individuals who had not been medically examined or given an appropriate clinical diagnosis.

People met with either Ruliera or Giacomuzzi, discussed their desired prescription, paid for their office visit, and left with a signed prescription for Adderall. Visits lasted just minutes and cost approximately $200, payable in cash or through a credit or debit card. Caraceni collected the cash or received funds through deposits to her bank account, Lelling's office said.

Caraceni provided Ruliera and Giacomuzzi with blank prescription pads and explained how to fill out prescriptions for sale, Lelling's office said. Electronic communications documented the doctor's knowledge of the prescriptions written by Ruliera and Giacomuzzi, the number of visitors seen, and the revenue.

Between November 2015 and July 2018, records from the Massachusetts Prescription Monitoring Program show that well over 1,500 prescriptions for Adderall—amounting to over 110,000 pills—were filled in Massachusetts based on Caraceni’s prescriptions.

In February 2019, Caraceni pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute Adderall, and in August 2020 to three counts of distributing and dispensing Adderall.

Caraceni was sentenced this week by U.S. District Court Judge Timothy S. Hillman.

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