NEW BEDFORD— U.S. Senator Ed Markey made a stop at New Bedford Vocational Technical High School to promote the Green New Deal Resolution Wednesday night.

Senator Markey has made a few stops around the Bay State during the August Congressional Recess.

The junior Senator from Massachusetts co-sponsored the legislation with Democratic U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Ortiz in February. The vote failed by a wide margin in the senate. Most Democrats, including Markey didn’t vote for it but instead voted as “present” as a sign of protest against the Republican Party for not holding hearings on the issue before the vote.

On Wednesday, Markey continued to promote the resolution, calling it a "revolution" while taking a page out of former Vice President Al Gore's playbook.

"The planet is running a fever and there are no emergency rooms for planets. We have to create an environment where we put the preventatives in place," stated Markey while addressing the Town Hall attendees.

Markey could face a challenge selling the Green New Deal to blue-collar workers from the area, especially those of the fishing industry.

Markey told WBSM News that the goal of the Green New Deal is to have a fishing industry and a wind industry "working hand and glove to create thousand's of new jobs in this area."

"I was able to get a $15 million grant from the Department of Transportation about five months ago to extend the amount of commercial fisherman by 50 more boats," said the Senator.

In attendance was New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell who has voiced his opinion in favor of Markey's resolution. Mitchell spoke to WBSM news about what Markey's Green New Deal would mean for New Bedford.

"We've been working with Senator Markey for a number of years now. Here in New Bedford, we stare at the threats of climate change," said Mitchell.

"We see beach erosion and we have hurricane barriers for a reason. Our fishing industry is feeling the effects of climate change directly. This is a very appropriate area to be talking about climate change."

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