Many veterans who return home from war end up suffering from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, making it difficult to re-integrate into society.

Jim Reed, of the Veterans Transition House in New Bedford, tells WBSM's Brian Thomas that often times the symptoms of the disease aren't always recognizable and can emerge after a significant amount of time has passed causing a new set of problems.

"Maybe they're okay when they get back, for a little while, or at least they're saying they are, and then try and make a go of it back home with family members, and things aren't working out and they start unravelling quickly," said Reed "and usually there's self medication with substances whether it be prescription drugs or alcohol or a combination of that."

Reed also says that contrary to what some may believe it isn't only combat veterans who are impacted by PTSD.

"It could be somebody that worked in emergency services in the military or just any number of job titles or job duties that they've had, they could've been exposed to something that could've caused issues or problems," said Reed.

Reed says problems were also compounded for many veterans who returned home to a tough economy and had trouble finding employment.

For those who are having trouble readjusting Reed says help is available and that beds are available at the Veterans Transition House located at 20 Willis St. in New Bedford.

Those interested in learning more about the Veterans Transition House can call 508-992-5313 or visit their website.

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