In New Bedford, The Women's Center at 405 County Street has been open for years to help and support those who have been a victim of domestic violence. The phone number for The Women’s Center in New Bedford is 508-996-3343.

According to The Women’s Center website, “domestic violence is a pattern of coercive behavior in intimate relationships whereby the behavior of another person is controlled through humiliation, intimidation, fear, and often intentional physical, emotional or sexual injury.”

Across the bridge, and a 35 minute drive to the countryside, is a story from Rehoboth, where a man is being held by police after his girlfriend accused him of assaulting her and trying to keep her from calling for help.

According to WJAR 10, a woman ran into the Rehoboth Police station just after midnight on Thursday claiming she had been kicked, punched, and slapped several times by her boyfriend.

She also told officers that her boyfriend had a criminal record and that he tackled and dragged her inside their apartment when she tried to run for help. She also claimed that he took her phone.

When officers arrived at the residence, they found the woman's one year old child crying in a crib, but found no sign of her boyfriend. She stated that she had left the child with him to get help while he was intoxicated.

With the help of a K9 unit and after several hours, police located the suspect and identified him as 32-year-old Devon Maiorano of Rehoboth.

Maiorano is set to be arraigned on charges of domestic assault, kidnapping, witness intimidation, and destruction of property.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez