WESTPORT — A man intending to take his own life was saved when he inadvertently crashed his vehicle.

Westport Police responded to a report of a single car crash at 423 Old County Road at approximately 6:44 p.m. Saturday, September 1. The call came in from the property owner, who saw the Toyota Highlander after it left the roadway. He also reported the driver was unresponsive.

Police say the driver of the vehicle had crossed the center line on a turn in the road, nearly causing a head-on crash with another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, then struck a mailbox and a telephone pole guide wire before coming to a stop.

The property owner broke open the Highlander’s window to try to remove the driver, a 43-year-old male who was semi-conscious. The property owner also discovered a household-type generator running in the back seat, which police believe was an apparent suicide attempt by the driver.

The driver was transported to St. Anne’s Hospital for carbon monoxide exposure.

“Responding officers said the smell of (carbon monoxide) inside the car caused them to gasp and cough,” Westport Police spokesman Det. Jeff Majewski said. “Whether fortunately or luckily, this despondent person narrowly avoided seriously injuring some innocent person on the roadway.”

Police say those considering suicide should reach out to local mental health facilities or call the Good Samaritans at (508) 673-3777.

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