Fall camping can be a treat. The kids are back in school, and many tourists have gone back to wherever land to hunker down for the coming winter. Rates may be lower as well, which is always a plus.

In addition to the added serenity, fall camping can be a sensory treat. The cooler, crisp weather combines with brightly-colored leaves that crackle under your boots as you hike sparsely populated trails.

Northern New England offers outdoor opportunities from mountains to the sea to be as one with nature before snuggling indoors to ride out the remainder of the "'ber" months.

If You Are Camping In Maine This Fall Leave The Firewood At Home
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No New England state offers more to the fall camping enthusiast than Maine, known as "Vacationland."

MaineCampExperience.com says, "There is a reason Maine is called Vacationland."

The site says, "Thanks to its vast, tranquil, and temperate setting, a visitor can find endless things to do and places to explore."

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If you are headed to Maine to do some camping, though, keep in mind that "Maine prohibits the entry of all types of out-of-state firewood" unless it meets firewood treatment standards.

Those standards require outside firewood to be heat treated to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 75 minutes and packaged and clearly labeled with the evidence of heat treatment and the origin of the firewood.

If You Are Camping In Maine This Fall Leave The Firewood At Home
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Don'tMoveFirewood.org says, "Any firewood that does not meet the above standard may be confiscated and properly disposed of to prevent the escape of invasive forest pests that could be hiding within the wood."

If you are transporting firewood within Maine, carry proof that the firewood originated within the state.

The site says, "Maine's firewood quarantine is in place to protect the state's natural and agricultural resources from destructive tree pests like the Asian longhorned beetle, emerald ash borer, and spotted lanternfly."

Don'tMoveFirewood.org offers a comprehensive explanation of the rules governing firewood.

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