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Madonna, was a super successful 1980s musical star, but who has struggled to remain in the spotlight as any aging fighter, performer or sex symbol with self-esteem issues will do, she injects controversy to distract her audience from the waning talent. Her most recent tours have exposed a loud, proud yet incredibly shallow liberal ideology which is force fed to the partly unwilling audiences who have been coming out, not to hear her shriek, but to see if she could still sing and dance.

Women's March on Washington - March

She was a big part of the March on Washington (on Trump if we're being honest) yesterday when she said that she seriously thought long and hard about blowing up President Trump's new home; The White House.

That folks, is a threat against the POTUS and possibly, a federal offense. She may have wanted to lead by example to "Express Yourself", but the First Amendment which includes our freedom to speak, has limitations and threatening to murder anyone inside the White House has crossed the line.

"But Ken, she's just a singer..."  She is also a multi-millionaire capable of financing a lot of things. ..remind me again, what was the line of work of John Wilkes Booth?

What a massive collection of unstable, angry, hysterically inconsolable hordes that collected in Washington and many other places too. Somewhere out there, Hillary Rodham Clinton was humming a Helen Reddy song.

Their mission: To knit pink hats, assemble , march and read insulting poems of Trump through bullhorns on their march of madness, chant and voice their discontent with Donald J. Trump as president. I am just glad they didn't bust out the, "Knights that would say "Nee".

In addition to the creepy GranMa-donna, another celebrity, actress Ashley Judd, whose career has seen better days chimed in to accuse the President of fantasizing about incestual rape of his lovely daughter Ivanka.

Yes, Dr. Michael Savage, I agree; Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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