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OK, so who is into this cruising stuff?  Until now all of my vacationing has been done on dry land but I think my luck has begun to run out.  It appears our next trip will take me offshore to the land of umbrella drinks, steel drums and bikinis.

I have resisted taking a cruise, not out of fear of drowning or sea sickness but because the idea of being confined to a boat, unable to hop in the car and move freely about just seems odd to me.  The thought that I might get bored of playing shuffle board and rock climbing is worrisome as well.  I am told the boats all have wonderful gyms and such.  Going to the gym at home is torture so why would I want to float out into the middle of the Atlantic to torture myself?  I can do that at home.

There is also the question of where to go.  Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, Southern Caribbean or maybe the Bahamas?  What's the best cruise line?  With names like Norwegian, Carnival, Disney and Royal Caribbean how do you know which one to chose?  Is Carnival for circus performers and do you have to be Goofy to do Disney?  When they say all inclusive do they really mean all inclusive?  Is the rocking of the boat really relaxing or am I going to be sick all week? What is the best time of year to take a cruise?

Truth be told, I am kind of committed to this but I need some help.  Any advise or tips you might wish to offer to assist me in my dilemma would be greatly appreciated and I promise I will take lots of pictures...provided of course I am not confined to the head all week!!