Celeste Cabral is back at it, giving to local children in need. She is kicking off her fourth year with this project and documents the progress on her Facebook page, Wrapped in Love - The Scarf Event.

Each year, Cabral shares a story of an interaction that had a high impact on her work:

"This year a little boy stole my heart. I talk about kindness to the children and they tell me about all the different little things they did to be kind. At the end of our chat, I always tell them to give themselves a big hand and to know that I am so proud of them. When they get ready to leave, they all form a single line as they are walking out the door, I continue to high five them and tell them how proud I am of them. The next thing I know I got this tug on my shirt and it was this little boy who was so excited. He said, “Hey can I tell you something?” I said, "Sure what’s up?" He said with such enthusiasm, “I am really proud of you for doing this for us,” and proceeds to put his hand up for a high five! Obviously, he made my day. He was the perfect example of how easy it is to be kind and to teach kindness. I believe that someday that little boy will be the person to pay it forward." - Celeste Cabral

If you would like to help by donating your own work, Celeste has some guidelines to make it easy for everyone. All scarves should be five to six inches wide and 45 inches long. You may drop them off at the Freetown Senior Center in Freetown, or Sun Kissed Tanning in New Bedford. Michelle Souza is the owner of Sun Kissed Tanning and holds a coat drive every year. Souza donates all the children’s coats to Cabral who then takes them back to the same schools she assisted with her kindness/scarf program.

"I had enough coats this year to give to both the Mulcahy School and the Galligan School. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness. I hope this winter finds all my friends knitting for next year's children." - Celeste Cabral

To arrange for a pickup, please call (774) 644-3176. Follow Wrapped in Love - The Scarf Event on Facebook for information on knitting lessons.

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