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Signature Signs posted about a very special project that the company recently installed at an elementary school in Dartmouth. To the average person on the outside, it just looks like a rectangle with some words and phrases along with a few pictures to depict each word or phrase. To the students and staff at Potter Elementary School, it’s so much more than that.

This is Tricia Weaver's fourth year as a preschool teacher at Potter Elementary School in Dartmouth, and she taught in New Bedford Public Schools before this. Weaver saw the sign on the internet and knew it would be an asset on the playground at Potter School. “Our classroom is an inclusion classroom made up of special education students and peer partners. The thought behind the communication sign is to allow children that are nonverbal to be able to communicate their needs and wants with their peers and adults, using simple pictures that they are familiar with.”

With the help of the school's speech pathologist, Laurie Dionisio, Weaver was able to get this communication sign on the school’s playground through a grant established by the Dartmouth Educators Foundation.

"Communication is a common delay in children, especially in preschool-aged children and this sign will help all my children with speech delays. If one student is able to better communicate with his or her peers, or the adults at school, it will serve its purpose."

As far as we know at this moment, there are no other signs like this at schools on the SouthCoast. If you are aware of something similar at a local school, please let us know.

Signature Signs via Facebook
Signature Signs via Facebook

Nonverbal children still seek to connect with others even though they do not speak. This communication sign is a tool that allows them to interact, engage in play with other students, or ask for help from a teacher or staff member.

Recess just got a little more inclusive and a lot more fun for everyone.

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