Kenny Almeida is a K9 Officer with the Bristol County Sheriff's Department. He knows that this has been a rough time for everyone, and in particular for Brady Laviolette. Brady has autism and according to his mother, Kristen Laviolette, his routine is “completely out of whack” due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Officer Almeida lives next door to Brady and his family. “He has watched Brady grow up,” said Kristen. “He’s seen how much he has improved over the years.” April is Autism Awareness Month and the Laviolette family is always advocating and sharing about it. Officer Almeida wanted to do something to recognize Brady and to hopefully brighten his spirits.

Photo Contributed by Kristen Laviolette
Photo Contributed by Kristen Laviolette

“I know we’re all stuck inside right now, so I figured I’d light it up blue for him,” K9 Officer Kenny Almeida said on Monday morning. “I just wanted to make his day and mark Autism Awareness Month.” On Sunday, April 5, Officer Almeida told Kristen and her husband, Jason to bring the kids to the window. He then pulled up into the driveway and lit up the lights for Brady.

Officer Almeida said there’s one thing he wants to do when the COVID-19 threat subsides and things go back to normal. “I’d love to have him out to check out the cruiser,” he said. “He’s a big fan of law enforcement.”

It’s common to find Officer Almeida and his partner, Will, as well as any of the BCSO K9 team members at community events, senior centers, schools and other places doing demonstrations to promote the K9 program and law enforcement’s relationship with the community.

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