The proposed LNG expansion facility in Acushnet didn't gain much support from residents after Monday's Board of Selectmen meeting.

Roger Cabral of South Coast Neighbors United presented their case against the facility in front of a large crowd at the Council on Aging Center.

While the Board suggested the town has little legal power against the facility, Cabral says more should be done.

"Our laws and our by-laws shouldn't be for sale, and at what price do we say our by-laws don't matter?" says Cabral.

Although the area is zoned residential, the project will follow federal laws allowing the 250 acre property to be used by Eversource, which already has a smaller facility.

Cabral compared each of the two potential storage tanks to the size of Gillette Stadium, to the awe of the crowd.

Cabral says the expansion is meant to compensate for gas shortages power plants experience in the winter, however cited three seperate studies that found the project to be unecessary.

"It's like putting an addition on your home because you may have a big family coming over for Thanksgiving or Christmas. There's got to be a cheaper way to deal with the problem," Cabral says.

The Acushnet Board of Selectmen say they will continue their search for members of a advisory committee on the LNG project. Anyone interested can send their resume and a letter of interest to the board.


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