Paul from The Nook posted a thank you note to his employee on the business Facebook page after dealing with a less than stellar customer. The "older gentleman" wasn't a fan of Jeff's tattoos and piercings, and wasn't treating him very kindly. Jeff handled it in a way that goes beyond professional. Read the post below:

"So today we had an older gentleman come in and treat one of my employees terribly because he didn’t like that the employee had tattoos and piercings. My employee handled himself like an absolute pro... He still smiled even though he was treated poorly.

1) To my employee. THANK YOU! I heard the whole conversation and I am so proud of how you handled yourself. You were kind and polite where not many people would be.... and you didn’t have to be. (He even offered to buy the guy his coffee after all of that) Let me take a moment to say how much I appreciate you... and I hope you know I ALWAYS have your back... and... no matter what ANYONE thinks or says you are PERFECT just the way you are. If someone can’t look past something so trivial they don’t deserve your greatness in their lives. NEVER question that!

2) I would like to take a moment to thank ALL of our amazing customers because I very rarely have to deal with anything like this. When employees start here I think they assume I am exaggerating when I tell them 'we have the best customers in the world.' After being here a couple of days they are like 'you aren’t kidding everyone who comes here is so nice.' I am so proud of our shop, our customers, our friends, and the Nook family. Our employees go out of their way and it truly matters to them that your trip to the Nook is a good one... and I couldn’t ask for more! Thank you all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our customers are gold. Our employees are gold. And everything is about love here! So much love!
Thank you for indulging me,

Paul explained that it was because Jeff noticed a veteran pin that he offered to buy him a coffee.

"He just shut the door aggressively and left. The whole situation just made me appreciate how amazing our customers are and definitely appreciate our employees! We are truly blessed in this community."

I'm sure every single local restaurant has a story very similar to the one described here. Focusing on the positive ones makes all the difference.

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