Last year, hundreds of homes across the SouthCoast shined a bright light on a dark year with tons of over-the-top, festive light displays.

Some displays served as charity donation drives and others had mailboxes for Santa, ensuring that no child's letter would go unanswered. Some displays were up by mid-November and others stayed up long after the season was over. There were even non-home displays including a windmill, firetruck, and sailboat. In short, the SouthCoast community collectively made the holidays much brighter and we were all grateful.

This year is no different, except that there are even more homes and businesses that are getting into the spirit. We'll keep adding to the gallery of photos as you keep sending them in. Whether you want to show off your hard work or simply want to share an amazing display in your neighborhood – all photos are welcome!

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Most displays are off by 9 p.m., so you will want to plan accordingly before you head out to admire the hard work of these homeowners. Find your favorite Christmas songs, grab some hot chocolates for the drive, and get ready to "ooh" and "aah" over an incredible assortment of decorations.

Please remember to drive slowly through these neighborhoods, be respectful of homeowners' properties, and watch out for other families who are also out enjoying the lights. Some streets are much darker than others, some twist and turn, some have no sidewalks, and some homes are on dead-end streets that may make for very complicated and tight turnarounds.

Nevertheless, taking a leisurely drive to see all of the lights is the perfect way to wind down for the night.

Light Up SouthCoast 2021: Holiday Light Displays Across the SouthCoast

Across the SouthCoast, homeowners are putting in the elbow grease to make sure their home shines the brightest. These light displays are a surefire way to bring holiday cheer to anyone. Make a plan to see them all!


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