Well, the arrogance of a liberal judge in Massachusetts has finally pushed the limit. Federal prosecutors say Shelley Joseph, the Baker-appointed District Court judge in Newton, helped Juan Medina-Perez escape from an awaiting agent of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. She has been charged today.

Medina-Perez, who was in court for DUI charges and also facing drug charges, slipped out the back door as the feds were tricked by the judge. Feds say a court officer assisted in the ruse as well.

Investigators used audio tapes and videotapes from both inside the courtroom and others in the building during the incident. They interviewed witnesses, the subjects of the arrest and reviewed records for evidence.

Governor Charlie Baker (a Republican) has publicly stated his desire to see the judge step down from hearing any cases until the matter is resolved. Of course, the liberal media in Boston has lashed out—not at the judge, but at Governor Baker for "sticking his nose into it."

Boston Globe shill Adrian Walker wrote, "Governor Baker shouldn't find the judge guilty while the investigation is underway." Okay, how about now, Mr. Walker? She's having charges pressed against her.

She is the antithesis of "Crazy" Joe Arpaio. So, as such, we'll need a name for the judge with poor judgment.

Psycho Shelley Joseph? Hmm. How does Judgeless Joseph work for you? We'll think of something.

It's about time! For too long, populist and capricious judges have set their own laws and decided which existing ones to toss and which to enforce. The feds say she aided in evading the arrest of a felon. This cannot go unanswered. What if he killed someone in the time he was out in society?

Court Officer Wesley MacGregor is also facing charges for opening the back door, solidifying the last thing needed for the escape to be successful. He also faces one count of perjury.

Knowing what I know about the climate of the court, I'd be inclined to offer MacGregor a settlement in exchange for his cooperation. After all, court officers are not looking to disobey a judge in their building. I wouldn't call it a cultish climate but the judges are almost infallible there.

She is accused of violating a federal law that she allegedly doesn't agree with. This will be no small matter. The entire left will converge on to Boston and support the judge. The record of the illegal immigrant will not deter the argument.

At least today, better judgment wins the day.

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