I don't believe using the "eye for an eye" strategy works in a lot of applications or scenarios. I am though all for public execution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I have stared for long periods of time at the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, in particular at Martin Richard, the eight-year old. If Tsarnaev sits in his federal prison cell 450 feet below the surface of Colorado for 45, 60 or even 90 years until he dies, it isn't enough.

If he reads and enjoys one chapter of a book or enjoys one scene from a movie or a letter from a nut job fan, it is still infinitely more than he allowed for Martin Richard and the other victims who died after a brief, painful, horrifying death at Tsarnaev's hands.

If he didn't fear death as much as a calm, boring life in front of him with three meals every day, access to a library including movies and games on a computer, letters, exercise, medical care etc. then he would not be begging for mercy through his attorney.

Let all Jihadists know that acts like this will be met with certain death by tireless hunters in a just system. I believe this punishment is the greater deterrent to repeated actions and as such, will save more lives than by allowing for him to live. Allowing for his legend to grow in Chechnya and in the ranks of ISIS sympathizers through the years.

Put him down like the dog he is and send him home to his rabid, maniacal, criminal mother who has culpability in the fate of her son.

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