The theory that Julian Edelman wants to get back in the game is not a new one, but the comments both he and former coach Bill Belichick have made recently have football fans thinking this dream reunion may just be a reality in 2022.

Back in March, the theory was that Edelman was working hard to get back in the game with Brady and Gronk on the Buccaneers. Tom had tweeted a clip of the pair working out together and things seemed to be clicking like they always do.

Yet, nothing came of the reunion workout and soon after we learned that the guys had gotten together in the off-season to film scenes for the upcoming Eighty For Brady movie that follows a group of senior friends as they drive to see Super Bowl LI and meet Tom Brady.

So, where does that leave this comeback theory now?

Well, Edelman brought up his dream of unretiring while being interviewed on The Rich Eisen Show last week and he clearly has a plan. The former wide receiver expressed to Eisen that he is missing football more than ever right now and thinks he has what it takes to help a team make a push for the playoffs in 2022.

“If I had three weeks, three, maybe four weeks, start of the season, absolutely not,” Edelman said. “But if there’s a team vying for a playoff run, guy goes down, could I get ready? I probably could.”

Lofty goals for a guy who has been out of the game since 2020, but probably not unobtainable goals.

Belichick was of course immediately asked about Edelman's comments by the Boston sports media and it seems even Edelman's former coach hasn't ruled out his return.

Belichick admitted to reporters that he keeps in contact with Edelman, but as to whether or not he'd be open to welcoming the wide receiver back on the team, the coach was tight-lipped.

No surprise there of course, but their constant contact is pretty promising to this Patriots fan, who would love to see No. 11 back on the field whenever he feels he's ready.

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