Usually, it's the Super Bowl commercials that garner the attention of millions of us, but this year, before the AFC Championship game, actor John Malkovich and CBS Sports creative director Pete Radovich top the list. Radovich has been the creative force behind the teases for the Army-Navy game, which have always received high praise.

Over the years, Radovich has been wanting to reach out to Malkovich, his favorite actor, to fit into one of the "tease concepts." And the perfect storm came together when the Jaguars and the Patriots won to get to the championship playoff game. The story of David and Goliath was reborn as told by John Malkovich.

Radovich emailed Malkovich script ideas and the actor was hooked. They were on a short timeline to get the story performed, filmed and edited. Radovich said getting musicians from the New England Conservatory was easy. "When you're shooting in Boston the week of the AFC Championship Game, it's amazing how efficiently things can get done when you mention tickets to the game!" Radovich also brought in professional conductor Helmut VonLichten, who has worked on other "teases" with Radovich, with an original piece of music for the shoot.

So what did Malkovich think of the final director's cut? He said, "It looks excellent, Pete. I was delighted to do it. Thanks for inviting me along."

Maybe next time you hear the David versus Goliath story, don't think of an underdog. Instead, think of a confident competitor who is more than happy to be unpopular and unliked by most of the nation!

What did you think of the four minutes and 18 seconds of tour de force?

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