A newborn puppy in Falmouth has a natural work of art on its back: what appears be the shape of Cape Cod.

Garrett Bentley of Falmouth's two Australian Shepherds had puppies recently and they make quite the adorable litter, don't they?

Rose Wobecky
Rose Wobecky

One of the pups had a little something special that caught Bentley's eye. The little one came into this world with a marking undeniably in the shape of our beloved Cape Cod.

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Just look on any map and compare it to the backside of this puppy and it's a match.

Ever since Bentley and his mother Rose posted pictures of the puppy on social media, the outpouring of people wanting to adopt this unique dog has been incredible.

He's been nicknamed "Chowda" which is absolutely perfect. Chowda was born on July 24 along with eight other puppies. Just saying that, I'm exhausted for the mom. Think of all the puppy cuddles that need to be given. It's a full-time job.

So, what is Bentley's plan with this special little guy? He and his family haven't decided just yet on whether they will keep Chowda or not. The family plans to keep the whole litter together until each puppy gets needed shots and checkups.

Do you have a dog or maybe a person in your life that has some kind of marking on them that they have had since birth that is shaped like something only us here on the SouthCoast would recognize?

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