Christopher’s in Fall River isn’t your typical breakfast and lunch spot.

With locations on South Main Street and New Boston Road, this business has become a beacon of community engagement, particularly when addressing its youngest residents' needs.

Known for its ever-changing menu featuring baked goods, sandwiches, coffee and freshly baked bread and pastries, Christopher’s has earned a reputation for its culinary creativity and dedication to quality. However, its recent initiative is capturing the hearts of locals.

Christopher's took to Facebook recently to address nutrition, noting children deserve better than fast food and bags of chips.

Owners Christopher and Nathan Silva want to ensure everyone in the neighborhood can get fresh fruit, even if they don't have much money. That's why they're putting out a fruit stand twice weekly so people can grab fruit for free. They hope this will help families who struggle to afford healthy food.

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There is no need to go in the restaurant or ask permission – the fruit is there for anyone who needs it. The goal is that kids will want to choose fruit over chips and enjoy a healthy snack without worrying about the cost.

Christopher's is proving that its commitment to serving goes beyond the plate.

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