The Department of Justice says there is compelling evidence to support allegations that Harvard University discriminates against Asian-American applicants. The Boston Globe says the finding "could eventually overturn the use of affirmative action in higher education."

It's about time.

The DOJ says admissions officers often score Asian-American candidates lower when judging personal traits such as kindness, leadership and courage than they do other applicants. The report says the process "may be infected with racial bias."

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement: "No American should be denied admission to school because of their race."

What's worst is that Harvard is the recipient of taxpayer subsidies. Let that sink in for a minute.

Harvard defended its admissions policies to Fox News earlier this year:

"Harvard will continue to vigorously defend its right, and that of all colleges and universities to consider race as one factor among many in college admissions, which has been upheld by the Supreme Court for more than 40 years."


No one should be hired, fired, included, excluded, admitted, omitted, elevated or demoted based upon their race, religion, sexual preference or any factor other than their ability to meet the basic requirements, whether it be college, employment, housing or anything else.

Affirmative action is not only unfair, it's an insult to the applicant who might be given an edge due to race. I certainly would want to know that I beat the competition based on my skills and abilities and not by the color of my skin. It flies directly in the face of the message Martin Luther King, Jr. preached so forcefully.


It's time for Harvard to abandon its foolish race-based admission policies, and it's time once and for all to dump affirmative action.

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