So, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) finally admits that she lied about being an Indian. But it's okay, she did it out of love for her family.

Warren told fellow liberal hack David Axelrod on his CNN program The Axe Files, “Based on what I learned growing up and the fact that I love my family, decades ago I sometimes identified as Native-American.”

Well, we did it again Massachusetts. We've placed another nitwit out there on the national stage. As if Ted "Foster Brooks" Kennedy, Mike "Tank Man" Dukakis and John "Bubble Boy" Kerry weren't bad enough. And we openly brag that we voted against Donald Trump?

Liz Warren is the worst of the worst kind of politician. Not only is she entitled, she is a habitual liar. She lies about stupid stuff, and when she gets caught, she lies some more. And she is so phony and pretentious.

Warren was finally nailed when it was recently revealed that she claimed to be Native American when registering for the Texas State Bar back in 1986. This followed her botched DNA revelation that someone in her ancient past may have had relations with a Peruvian Alpaca farmer. Maybe.

The Washington Times says Warren told Axelrod it was all a rouse. “I shouldn’t have done it. I’m not a person of color. I am not a citizen of a tribe, but what I try to do is be a good friend of Native Americans," she said.

Yeah, a good friend by appropriating their culture for personal gain.

It has been said that the cover-up is often worse than the crime. Warren told a lie and then spent years trying to cover it up. It not only cost her the White House but any credibility she may have had. Warren is just another embarrassment to the good people of Massachusetts.

It's time to resign, Liz Warren.

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