The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is set to meet on Wednesday to set the agenda for its next formal session, which is scheduled for September 12. Among the items expected to be up for discussion at the next meeting is what to do about the yet-to-be-awarded commercial casino license for Region C.

Region C, or Southeastern Massachusets, has been allowed to languish to the point that few if any current members of the Commission were even around when we were kicked to the curb in favor of a Wampanoag casino that never saw the light of day and likely never will.

The Notos Group LLC is asking the Commission to back proposed legislation to amend the state gaming laws to allow for a smaller-scale gaming facility in Wareham. The experts say there is no market for another ginormous resort casino like the MGM in Springfield or the Encore outside of Boston but there seems to be support for a smaller development.

The folks who attempted to site a casino at the Brockton Fairgrounds are asking the Gaming Commission for another opportunity as well.

The Gaming Commission owes it to Southeastern Massachusetts to re-open the process. The Massachusetts Legislature cheated this region out of a casino in order to get Governor Deval Patrick to sign a gaming bill into law. Both entities should set things right by moving to amend the state law and then quickly awarding a gaming license here in Region C.

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