As we get to the anniversary of hurricane Katrina, it looks like the Gulf has to prepare once again. Isaac is almost to the coast. According to Yahoo, as of 5 A.M. Tuesday, the storms center was just 125 miles off shore, and moving at 12 mph toward it. Right now it looks like Isaac's biggest damage is massive rain fall along the Gulf, but forecasters are saying that Isaac will be up graded to a category one hurricane by the time it hits land.

Many people have been asked to evacuate the low lying areas near the coast, despite billions of dollars going into repairing the levees after the devastating effects of Katrina.

Right now it looks like Louisiana is under a Hurricane Warning, while Mississippi and Alabama have not declared that, they are under Tropical Storm warnings, along with Florida. Alabama has also declared a statewide state of emergency. You can get a state by state guide to Isaac here.